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Our firm has dedicated itself to the advancement of its clients' subrogation programs. Attorneys in our subrogation and recovery department conduct educational training seminars with the goal of keeping our clients fully up to date with the latest trends in the industry, especially those facing the subrogation community in New York and New Jersey. We also offer subrogation related educational material and live lectures at your facility at no cost for our clients. Our team of subrogation specialists are available to draft related material on any topics that might suit your company's immediate needs.

Our seminars are focused on specialized subrogation and recovery issues. Our lawyers present in-house programs on many relevant topics of interest to a subrogation professional. Our training sessions contain information on both the most sophisticated legal level, with an eye towards the more practical “real-world” side, in an effort to maximize subrogation recoveries for your company. We also typically invite various guest forensic speakers to provide a full comprehensive technical session that is both educational and enjoyable. Our goal is to educate and motivate the subrogation specialist.

Over the past few years, we have secured many significant recoveries on cases that were closed by other subrogation law firms. We have made many multiple six figure recoveries for various insurance clients on cases closed by many of the so-called “leading” subrogation firms in the country. We are able to provide this sort of service, in conjunction with our closed file review session known as Project Burn and Turnaround. Our lawyers will commit to review all of your closed files, free of charge, whether previously handled by another group of lawyers, or, if they were never previously assigned. We continue to secure significant subrogation recoveries for our clients by offering this program. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes from a new perspective on an older file can help provide a different perspective, even if the case was previously handled by the most skilled subrogation specialist. The charge for this review, other than the heavy coffee we will drink at your office as we search through the old dusty files is free! (We supply the donuts).

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