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The Sheps Law Group is the only New York based law firm that has committed itself to the exclusive goal of making large loss property subrogation recoveries for the insurance industry and self insured companies.  The Firm's Subrogation and Recovery Practice Division does not seek to handle defense work for insurance carriers, eliminating any potential conflicts.  We believe that full time plaintiff property subrogation litigators, working exclusively in the local area, have the ability to make the best possible recoveries for their clients.

In recent years, our Property Subrogation Program has recovered multiple millions of dollars annually for our subrogation clients.  This success in the subrogation field has been based on an unwavering commitment of the firm's resources to the advancement of its insurance clients' property subrogation cases and overall subrogation programs- no matter how varied or complex the matter. We have consistently made large recoveries on subrogation files that other rather well respected law firms have closed for a supposed “lack of recovery potential”.   Feel free to ask us for a list of the files that we have made such recoveries.  In short, it is both the skill and the commitment to place the client's interests on top of the lawyers that makes for great subrogation results.

Whether the source of the casualty is fire, flood, construction collapse, product defect or even an act of nature, our Property Subrogation Program will provide you with prompt, knowledgeable and aggressive assistance in the handling of your recovery efforts.

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