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Welcome to the home page of the Sheps Law Group's Subrogation and Recovery Practice Division.

We have developed a cutting edge subrogation program based upon the successes of some of the large nationwide subrogation programs but geared specifically for our local clients here in the New York area.  Our recovery program provides full time large loss property subrogation attorneys who practice almost exclusively in New York, New Jersey, and the rest of the Northeast.

The obvious advantage of this tailored approach is the assignment of an experienced subrogation attorney who is not only intimately aware of all the relevant legal and technical nuances necessary to successfully handle a large subrogation claim but also one who is intimately familiar with the local laws, judges, experts, and defense attorneys from whom we will ultimately be seeking a recovery.  There can simply be no substitute for having these personal connections and knowledge in the relatively intimate property subrogation community, especially when dealing with the often times complex and overburdened court system in New York. 

Most importantly, the firm's subrogation program is dedicated to the utmost level of professionalism that places the needs of the client, not our own, first.  We provide prompt, courteous response, with a fair and accurate assessment of our clients' potential for subrogation on each individual claim.

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